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(1) i keyboard smash and make typos alot. (2) not all my edits will be transition edits (most are though). (3) i talk about my ults alot. (4) super loud i tend to spam (5) i go by hera on some accs.

(✿>‿<) hi hi! just a few notes: (1) if i do something ignorant please do educate me!! (2) yes i unironically like filo romcoms (3) i hold my favs accountable for their actions (4) have a good day wooooo!!!!


(1) basic dnfi criteria (2) 2pm ot7 / vixx ot5 (3) hate on solo stans (NOT akgaes) (4) make kys jokes (5) idrc just dont trash on my favs in front of me pleek

block b pyo ioi mina 2pm chansung nichkhun akb48 tomochin acchan mayuyu mnl48 bnk48

can this be love? fsaaw labs kita, okey ka lang? that thing called tadhana
grps! 2pm, jekki, teen top, vixx, rainbow blingbling, to-ya
likes! 1st and 2nd gen kpop, filo romcoms, titan academy series, 48g (akbnkmnl)
bffs! mars, mon, mifa, frech server